Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How do I know what size to order?
  • You can measure your own nails and find your size from our size guide images. We have provided size charts and nail shape guides for each product link, making it easy for you to compare.
  • If you have measured your nails multiple times and the sizes differ within a 1mm range, and you are unsure of what size to choose, you can try the following:
  • Since the difference between each size is only 1mm, you can choose a slightly larger size if you are unsure. If it is slightly too big, you can use the nail file that comes with our set to achieve your desired size.
  • If you are not confident in measuring your nails, you can order our sizing kit, which contains a nail for each size, allowing you to find your perfect fit.
  • If you have any questions, please leave us a message and we will do our best to help you!


  1. Can I reuse the press on nails?

Yes, all of our nails are reusable, as they are made with high-quality craftsmanship and can be worn and used multiple times with proper care. In addition, our standard set comes with sticky tabs, which are a convenient way to wear and remove your pressons without damaging them or your natural nails.


  1. How long can I wear the press on nails?

If you follow the correct operating steps, sticky tabs can make your pressons last for 5-7 days. Our set comes with 6 sticky tabs, which can be used up to 6 times.

Nail glue can prolong the wear time of press-on nails for up to 15-20 days. However, the glue residue left on the press-ons after removal can affect their subsequent reuse. Therefore, we recommend using sticky tabs for initial wear and switching to glue after a certain period of time to maximize the use of press-on nails.


  1. How do I wear/remove the press on nails?
  • How to Wear?
  • Remove the nail file and lightly polish the nail surface to remove grease.
  • Wipe the nails surface clean with an alcohol cotton pad, then let dry.
  • Choose the right size press-on nails and stick the jelly glue on the back of the nails.
  • Press the nails from the front edge of the nail root for about 10s until it’s firmly attached.
  • After pasting, use nail file to correct the edges neatly.
  • The best way to remove the press on nails is to soak them in warm soapy water for 3-5 minutes, then use a wooden stick to lift the edge and gently wiggle it around to remove it.


  1. How should I store/protect my press on nails?

Some products have metal accessories attached, and these accessories may oxidize over time. When you are not wearing them, it is best to store them in a dust-proof box. If you have many nail sets, you can prepare a convenient nail collection book to store them for easy matching and searching.





  1. When To Ship?

As all of our products are handmade, there is a certain production cycle. In order to ensure that your nail set is perfectly presented when you wear it, our production time is set to 5-7 business days. Once the product is made, we will ship it to you as soon as possible after checking it for any errors.

Any products labeled "Ready to ship" Will be shipped within 1-2 working days. Due to special reasons for international logistics, orders cannot be delivered within 4-5 days. If you have an urgent need, please be cautious when placing your order to avoid delaying your normal use. If you need your order to be shipped within 4-5 days, please contact us first to confirm the timing before placing your order.


  1. About The Postage
  • Global shipping | free shipping all orders $40+
  • When you enter the payment page and complete your address information, the system will match the shipping options and corresponding fees for your region.
  • The express shipping fee is approximately $5.1-$7.5.
  • The standard shipping rate is approximately $4.2-$9 (for most countries, the standard shipping fee is $4.99-$6.99).

Tip: We will add more freight information at any time according to the logistics situation.if you have any questions about logistics, you can email or send us a message.


  1. Which countries and cities does our logistics cover?

JOYEENAILS ships worldwide. If the website does not deliver to your country/region, please email or message me and i will add your destination to the website.