Welcome to Joyeenails!

We warmly invite each of you, brave enough to embrace innovation, to join us and explore the edges of aesthetics with boundless curiosity. In our world at Joyeenails™, expressing yourself on the smallest canvas not only brings endless joy but opens up a myriad of possibilities.

A Small Canvas, Big Impact

Joyee, once troubled by her nail-biting habit, found her haven in a nail salon. she always keen to adorn her fingertips with cute designs and trinkets, as time grew more precious, she faced a dilemma: boring single tones or spending 3-5 hrs on a satisfying design. She discovered press-on nails and never looked back.
Now, she's on a mission to simplify beauty for all, combining convenience with creativity.
Diving into this fresh, exciting realm wasn't easy. From finding the perfect size to ensuring durability and customization, every challenge was a step towards innovation. Joyee's goal? To empower girls to embrace their individuality and save time, all while playing with stunning designs.

From Our Artist

As a nail artist, it's a joy to create on a tiny canvas filled with imagination. The best part? Customers keep my press-on nail designs in their collections, cherishing them long-term without needing to remove my work. there's nothing more exciting to see my works valued and preserved.

How did Joyee tackle it?

Handmade with Simplified Sizing

We encourage you to try something new, for the first try, nail sizing can be complex, but we're here to help. If the size isn't right the first time, we've got it covered.

Salon Customization must Stay

People love salons for turning ideas into reality, we’re changing the notion that press-ons are standard products. They can be fully customized to fit and suit your vibe.

We explore all possibilities

Whether for special occasions or everyday durability, including reusable, we constantly explore wear styles and adhesive choices, aiming for endless possibilities.


Custom by you

6 Shapes, 4 Lengths, 17 Custom Combos.


High standard

High-Quality 0.2mm Nail Base, Triple Gel Layer + Top Coat.


More styles

 400+ Styles, Weekly New Arrivals, 1 New Daily.


Our Brand Values

Always Curious

Curiosity is your superpower. Keep it alive to try, change, and explore beautiful things. We’re here with you, cheering for your bravery and covering your first tries.

Inspo Recommenders

Hey girl, we love your vibe! Our Joyeenails™ Inspo Recommenders program is starting soon. Share your inspo, we'll curate, and if chosen, you'll become a new product tester with a free set.

Time is Yours

Leave work to us, and take back your time. Beauty and freedom coexist here. Just pick your set or request a custom design, we prepare and deliver. Spend just 10 minutes – achieve perfect nails without stepping into a salon.

Acting on Carbon

We are committed to eco-friendliness and carbon reduction. We actively participate in carbon reduction efforts through practical actions, aiming to create a cleaner planet. Learn more→

How wonderful to meet fellow aesthetic explorers like you❤

- Joyee Austin