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Sale price$45.00 USD
We accept customization, you can provide photos, or put forward your design requirements, we will provide customized service according to your needs.
Please do not pay directly, please talk to customer service for technical and price evaluation before payment.

Create Your Custom Profile

  • Find your perfect fit with our press-ons, we offer 6 shapes, 4 lengths, and 17 custom combo.
  • Beyond our four standard sizes, we provide custom sizing to ensure a perfect fit, we'll keep your custom profile for next.

How to apply your nail sets?

3 steps teach you how to bring your own joyee custom press on nails in 5 minutes.
More tips on how to apply and remove →

1. Apply Sticky tab

Keep the nails sanded and wiped with alcohol dry. Choose jello glue that is slightly smaller than the nail surface.

2. Press On

Slowly press down the press ons at a 45-degree angle (just like pasting a phone film, let them fit together), which can exclude bubbles to the greatest extent.

3. Beauty

Done! Instant glitter!
Note: Do not touch water within two hours, it will last longer.

Empowerment in Every Touch

At JoyeeNails, we believe in the power of beauty to empower women. Our team, primarily composed of dynamic women, focuses on creating products that not only enhance beauty but also inspire strength and confidence.

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