What is the "INSPO CO-CREATOR"

"You come up with the ideas, we make them happen!"
We call on all imaginative and curious girls to create unique works with us. Here, through our brushes, your creativity becomes a reality, turning your wonderful inspirations into beautiful decorations on girls' nails!


What You Will Get?

Name It

You can give the product a name you like, which might have special meaning to you.

Designer Name

Your name will be displayed alongside the nails set name. Let your friends know whose design this is.

Co-Creation Badge

Products co-created with Joyee will feature a special 'Co-create Badge'.

+ 200 Points

Just share your inspo and get 200 bonus points!

+ 500 Points

When your inspo is selected and the set is released,
you will receive 500 points!


Get the FIRST FREE usage rights to this unique design!

Joyeenails inspo campaigns image

How to become Inspo Co-Creator?

· Share your inspo through images, sketches, or ideas. (Via email, DM us on instagram, or participate directly via the input box below)
· After checking submissions, we gather community ideas to pick the accepted ones.
· The 'INSPO CO-CREATOR' will receive a free co-created set and 500 Points, and their name will forever be linked with their creation.

Tips: If you're participating via email, please label the subject with [inspo co-creator] to ensure your idea isn't missed.

- E-Mail: customerservice@joyeenails.com
- Instagram: @joyeenails
- Join at the bottom of this page. 👇👇👇

This was such a delightful experience! I never thought the designs I imagined could only be realized in a salon, but here they were, brought to life. It’s incredible to see them executed so perfectly. I’m super excited! This place is really cool. I think I’ll definitely try it again when I come across some interesting themes or ideas.


Fun project, fun stories, and I love the cool designs here too. It's a great blend of creativity and community.


This experience was absolutely incredible. To see my inspiration loved by so many is thrilling. The best part is how well and perfectly they brought it to life—just as I envisioned. If you’re up for trying something new, I highly recommend giving this a go. It’s genuinely fun!


Who would have thought that one day I'd design my own nails, and a manicurist from afar would help make it happen? The process was so wonderful, filled with the unknown and imagination. I love them; I love everything about this place.