How to Keep Press-On Nails Longer

How to Keep Press-On Nails Longer

Looking for ways on how to keep your press-on nails longer? Whether you're using handmade press-on nails or the store-bought ones, there are some tried and true methods to extend their life and ensure they look fresh for as long as possible.
First and foremost, the application process is essential. Here are some easy steps to follow:
1.Start with clean nails. Remove any old polish and push back your cuticles.
2.Buff your nails lightly to create a rough surface for the adhesive to cling to.
3.Size the press-on nails to your natural nails. Each nail should cover your natural nail entirely but not touch the skin on either side.
4.Apply the adhesive or sticky tab to your nail, press the false nail on top, and hold it in place for a few seconds to secure it.
Now, here come the crucial tips related to different adhesives:

  1. 1. When using Sticky Tabs, you can enhance the adhesiveness by using a UV lamp for about 30 seconds after applying them on your natural nails. Alternatively, blow-dry the Sticky Tabs for a bit to increase their stickiness. This way, they can last about a week, withstand normal bathing, and ensure the press-on nails can be reused without damaging your natural nails.


  1. 2. When using regular nail glue, make sure to press and hold for a few extra seconds. Avoid washing your hands or taking a bath immediately after application. This method allows the press-on nails to last for 10-15 days. However, it's hard to reuse the nails because of the residual glue.


  1. 3. One highly recommended way is to use a special adhesive for press-on nails. This adhesive is similar to solid glue and needs to be used with a UV lamp. It can ensure the stability and long wear of press-on nails while allowing for reuse. We will release detailed video tutorials teaching how to use this special adhesive and link them in our store. Stay tuned for updates on our social media accounts if you're interested.

Remember, handmade press-on nails, like the ones offered by Joyeenails, are crafted with the utmost precision, ensuring a perfect fit and a salon-like finish. They can last even longer with the proper care and application methods.
Whether you're a fan of funky designs or prefer a more classic look, handmade press-on nails offer an affordable and convenient way to keep your nails looking stylish and well-manicured. Try these tips, and you'll be surprised at how long your press-on nails can last!

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